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12 MAY 2020 – 12 MAY 2021

Nurses are at the forefront of our health care system.
They’re always there providing vital and expert services, unprecedented workload, provide high specialist care, putting themselves at risk, to take care of us, because sometimes we don’t realize it until it is obvious.
They have proven we can count on them, Even in difficult and risky situations. Now it’s time we appreciate their true value and take care of them.


On the 12th May 2020, on International Nursing Day, in the year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020, a campaign started and will extend for a full year, until 12th May 2021. During the months of 2020, too much has happened with health professionals and above all the nurses. They have had too few opportunities to showcase their contribution, related to COVID19, but above all about the nursing profession in general. There is even much more to adress, than what has happened in this in one year. Health organisations supporting this campaign by embracing the nurses contribution in both creating a year-long campaign showcasing the best nurses have to offer in all aspects. This campaign will be built over 12 Month, 12 storylines and 12 topics. In this campaign, “every day will be nursing day”.

The reason for the campaign is to utilize the current appreciation for healthcare workers to give nurses the recognition and working conditions they deserve: It is critical to support and invest in nurses, not just now, but at all times. 


  Nurses themselves  - to show them we support them, to boost their self-esteem and to push the campaign forward.
  Hospital management - the campaign should show them how concretely to make changes.
  Professional regulators - to help them understand this is part of their responsibility and to find the best possible solutions.
•  Policy makers & politicians - to embrace the campaign to be part of this important conversation.
•  Civil society - to enable patients and the public to engage with nursing professions



There is a role for nurses in wider society and in health. Their voice deserves to be heard because their contribution has a far wider impact than they may realize and their contributions truly matter. By joining the nurses workforce, they contribute to a collective legacy and improve healthcare, and of course, nurses also enjoy their profession and ‘the healing power of compassion’. Nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges and we need to recognize and support our nurses, protect our nurses and prioritize and invest in our nurses.


The provisional topics covered during the campaigns will be first and foremost the ESNO members related to their expertise and specific health topics such as:

•  COVID-19 and working on the frontline
•  Patient safety and relation competent specialist nurse workforce
•  Research and development
•  Specialist nurses economic impact
•  Safety at work and working conditions
•  Training and cross European harmonising education
•  Cross border health provision
•  Harmonised education standards
•  Therapeutic Adherence and role of specialist nurses
•  Nurses and gender related to leadership
•  COVID19, Vaccination, AMR and Infection Prevention Control
  Chronic, elderly and non-communication diseases.


•  Interviews
•  Monthly Webinars
•  ESNO congress 23-26 February 2021
•  Publications on website
•  Activation in social media


To make sure the applause continues with a strong multiple year campaign to reposition, prioritize and protect the nurse, we invite organisations endorsing this campaign, to engage. Contact the campaign organisation for a detailed introduction to opportunities for engaging.
• Sponsoring as an organisation
• Endorsing and supporting on social media
• Crowdfunding


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