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European Specialist Nurses Organisations

The goal of European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) is to facilitate and provide an effective framework for communication and co-operation between the European Specialist Nurses Organisation and its constituent members in order to represent the mutual interests and benefits of these organisations to the wider European community, for the interest of the public health.  




The ESNO Summit results and presentations are online at the Summit website LINK




Competences of the Nurse specialist (NS): Common plinth of competences for the Common Training Framework of each specialty

With this document the ESNO contributed to high standard of quality of care, patient safety and professional mobility across Europe and setting the standard for nurses in the European future.

The definition of the competences of the NS should clarify the position of the nurse specialist in Europe and should permit each specialty to build its own Framework according to the specificities of their specialty. Moreover and that is the vision of ESNO, it should allow nurse specialist to move within the member states Europe easily and work there ensuring safety and quality of care because they will have the same level of competences. But they will also work in better condition and with serenity knowing that they will work with colleagues with the same level of qualification. This should impact the quality of work and may retain the workforce. See full document under this LINK


The ESNO Summit page and with registration is now online, view page

This will be the celebration of 10 years of development of the specialist nurse in EU context. Resume of what we have reached together in the past years, have a good view where we are, set long term goals with activities.

    We hereby invite you to join us in this event.

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EU commission publishes report on health workforce in Europe, great relevance for nurses.

European Commission, Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety, Healthcare systems, Workforce & Patient Safety & Patients' Rights team

the European Commission published today the report on the Recruitment and Retention of Health Workforce in Europe.The study identifies and analyses effective strategies for recruiting and retaining health professionals to serve as inspiration for the development of organizational strategies and human resources policies in Europe.

The ESNO regard this as significant for our profession and justifies the ongoing Continuing Professioanl Developments with the development of the ESNO Continuing Traing Framework and Accreditation program.

To read the study in full including the executive summary in all EU languages:

EU flague


ESNO report of meeting DG SANTE Health Workforce.

The presentations of the last meeting DG Health, Expertgroup meeting on European Health Workforce is now online.
For ESNO members, the ESNO report of that meeting in available at the ESNO 'members-only' section.
DG SAnte


ESNO, 10 Years of European Specialist Nursus Organisations

Exactly today 10 years ago, the first ESNO meeting took place in Brussels.

We thank so much all those enabling us to shape our profession, position and role in European context.

At our Summit in November we will mark this special occasion with all those involved, in the current situation and follow up towards the future.

             10 years ESNO


ESNO surveys

In the process towards the harmonization and development of common training framwork for Specialists Nurses, the ESNO developed a series of Surveys to get a clear view about the Specialists Nurses in Europe. See page 'Activities, Harmonization and Traing''. 

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International Nursing day 2015

The International Nursing Day, what an important day to underline the role of the nurses in the Healthcare Arena and the change!!!! Aging population, increase of chronic disease and the decreased medical demography are such big issues we have to deal with, that it gets more and more important to work hand in hand. ESNO representing the nurse specialist is aware of those challenges and moves forwards by getting more and more visible in the European healthcare arena, by creating commitment among nurse specialist organizations and concretely by defining all together the core competences of nurse specialist: unity is strength.

The ESNO wishes all nurses a great Nursing week, celebrating the birthday of Florence Nightingale.


ESNO meeting April 2015

The ESNO was last week in Brussels with nearly all members present. Fruitful discussions took place concerning the different challenges the specialist nurses are facing. We are actively preparing our first summit and improving our recognition by EU authorities and stakeholders. It is a big step for nurses in the specialty fields en health in EU context. We work on evidence of the benefits for having well qualified specialized nurses for better health services provided to the population. Key issue in the ESNO agenda are the Common Training Framework, ESNO as future European Accreditation body, ongoing ESNO Survey and the E-Book. The E-books on nursing covering all domains of nursing at an international level, embracing research, advanced practice, specialties, management ..... this purpose is to develop E-books with a focus on European references and references from other continents. We dedicate an E-book for each specialty like "the principle of nursing in... for example in anesthesia, operating room, diabetes, in oncology , in psychiatry and mental health etc. The added value will come from our nurses specialty organisations such as educators, management and research, development an information technology.

Our expectation is that within five years time the ESNO will be in a high level position with strong visibility and credibility in the field of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and this with a positive impact of its members and more over the safety and quality of good healthcare in Europe.

brussels 23 4 2015

Present: ACENDIO, Walter Sermeus; EfCCNa, David Waters and Heike Strunk; ENDA, Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg; EONS, Francoise Charnay/Sonnek; EORNA, Christine Willemse and Merja Fordell; FINE, Anne Lekeux; FEND, Anne Felton and Ed Harding; IFNA, Pascal Rod; Chair European Conference on Mental Health, Heike Ellila, European Accreditation Network-EAN, Benjamin Martin and Jean Baptiste Rouffet (in Skype) and Ber Oomen.


French order of nurse is threaten to be eliminated.
             "position statment"

The FINE and ESNO composed a joined position Statement of because the French order of nurse is threaten to be eliminated with the new law on health in France. The both organisations raise the awareness of this very of this matter of great concern. Pleas share this into your network. STATEMENT


FINE EUROPE, European Federation of educators in nursing sciences and ESNO meeting at the European Commission on the Annexe V of the Directive 2013/55/EU

martin Frohn

FINE EUROPE, European Federation of educators in nursing sciences and ESNO meeting at the European Commission on the Annexe V of the Directive 2013/55/EU

The European association of educators in nursing science (Fine Europe) represented by Jane-Laure Danan, Carol Hall, Cécile Dury and Christophe Debout, as FINE executive, accompanied by Françoise Charnay-Sonnek and Ber Oomen from ESNO met Martin Frohn, the Head of the unit “Free movement of Professionals” DG internal market and two of his adjoins, in Brussels on March 13th 2015.
The aim of this meeting was to offer FINE contribution to the refinement of the annexe V of the modernised directive approved in 2013.

See website FINE Europe


The ESNO Summit 2015 program now online.

It s our great pleasure to have our program online. View the page of the summit to find all information with information how to join this meeting.

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ESNO announces Ms. Francoise Charnay-Sonnek as New President.

FRancoise Charnay-Sonnek  The General Assembly of the ESNO is happy to announce that Ms Francoise Charnay-Sonnek has been elected as the new President of ESNO. The membership of ESNO extends warmest congratulations and every success to her in her new position.

During her term of office as vice president Francoise showed great dedication to the task and role. We witnessed firsthand her loyalty and passion for our association. She expressed her intention to build on past successes, to strengthen the unique experience of specialist nurses and to continue the advocacy for the recognition of nursing specialties. Francoise has the tenacity, talent and leadership skills to address the goals and mission of ESNO towards a new era of healthcare delivery, research and education in the context of nursing specialties.

We are very grateful to have such a successful and highly qualified leader to follow Pascal Rod our immediate Vice-President. ESNO will be in wise and experienced hands during her term of office. Together with Francoise the Executive committee will work collaboratively to ensure the success of ESNO. Special announcement


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European Specialist Nurses Organisations (ESNO) is the recognized and unified voice of specialist nurses in Europe. Members of ESNO consist of individual European specialist nurses organizations.

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