E-Health is an important building block of the new digital era. Patients, doctors and nurses are increasingly using Information & Communication Technology to search for information, to communicate and to exchange information. Some examples are the online reporting of blood coagulation values ​​by patients, video contact with home care, home automation, tele-consultation between healthcare providers, tele-monitoring of patients with chronic conditions
and today's online information on medication such as the upcoming Electronic Product Information. All this aims to further increase accessible, high-quality and cost-effective care and to contribute to more individualised management of patients.

Objectives of the ESNO in this field are: firstly, to support the activities of ESNO members related to eHealth, secondly, to pay attention to the consequences of e-Health for the training and functioning of specialist nurses and thirdly, to initiate guidance to specialist nurses who are new to e-Health. The ESNO encourages the development, assessment and use of e-Health together with others including healthcare providers, patients and health insurers.
Key activities include:
To establish an e-Health committee during 2020
To raise the awareness of the opportunities that e-Health has to offer
To initiate development, research and education of e-Health with Specialist Nurses.



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